Website Maintenance

A great web design can last forever with ongoing monitoring and regular website maintenance. 

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Website maintenance & proactive support

The modern website needs a little bit of love every couple of days. 

This is because websites are run by complex software that is always being improved.  As a dedicated website service, we’re across all the latest updates, that’ll ensure your website is always online and performing perfectly. 

We offer a complete range of services including quick repairs, style-refresh, ongoing maintenance and complete style updates.


Why does your website need maintenance...?

With a little bit of systematic website maintenance each week, we’ll stop small issues or software updates from snowballing into larger technical problems or security weak points.

Automated monitoring

By subscribing to our monthly care & maintenance service, our advanced software will be watching over your website 24-hours a day.  This works like constant protection against downtime or brute force attacks.

We also provide hardened security software, to protect you from unauthorised access and threats of attack from malware.

Our automated monitoring will keep you online and open for business, and eliminate the reputational issues associated with an unwanted failure or hostile take-over.

Systematic maintenance

All websites need a little bit of love to make sure everything is running smoothly. 

We log in every couple of days and undertake small updates to things like the plug-ins, software and the site's operating platform. As we go, we make sure everything is working correctly and fix any unforeseen issues that occur after an update.

Our systematic maintenance will save you the annoying hassle of logging in each day and checking the website yourself.

Our website maintenance & web support services

Below are the features we can pack into your monthly website care plan.

Essential Updates

We systematically monitor your website's operating platform and complete all of the necessary updates to things like the core files, themes and plug-ins. 

Content Edits

Just send through a request, with your small content edits and we'll take care of publishing.  This includes small edits or changes to text & headings, to ensure your messages stay up to date.

Uptime Monitoring

Our software will actively monitor your website 24/7 - 365. Should the site go offline, we'll be notified, so that we can quickly rectify the situation. This is absolute piece-of-mind.

Cloud Backup

We provide incremental backups of your website, to make sure there’s always a recent copy nearby.  Select from monthly or daily backups to suit your individual needs.

Security Scan

We implement hardened security software to reinforce the protection of your site, including regular scans of your site for malware and known vulnerabilities, and actions necessary to prevent a breach.

Firewall Protection

We add an extra layer of security and firewall protection to reduce the chances of an unwanted attack.  This includes real-time, monitoring and notification which help us quickly respond to any issues.

Digital Support

We're available to support you through any technical issues or advise you on tech-related subjects like business administration tools, digital trends and digital marketing.


At an additional cost, we're happy to offer detailed coaching, training and support to help you independently run your online business or web shop.

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