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Web hosting explained

Every website has a domain name (the URL or www) that is used as the address to actually find the website on the internet. Our domain name is www.mywpmate.com.au

A hosting company connects that domain to a website control panel. 

The control panel is where we typically take over if you already have your own hosting. 

The SSL certificate is also located here as well. 

The SSL certificate is a small authentication process that creates a higher trust factor in the eyes of many web browsers. You will see a small padlock next to the domain name of a website that uses the SSL.

At the control panel, we install WordPress: the web platform or application that runs your website.

Inside WordPress we install small Plug-In ‘apps’ that are used to increased the functionality of your website (for example, e-commerce, social media connections, SEO capability, language translation, CRM connection, etc…).  

Another plug-in is Elementor, this is our preferred website builder.

Inside Elementor we design the website. 

This is the graphics and layout; or the visual style of your website. We call this the Theme.  And inside the Theme, we insert your content to make the theme come alive.

The content is all of your marketing images, logos, messages and text.

To explain the relationship between all of these parts, we have developed the following little diagram to cut through the jargon.

We typically provide this diagram to our clients, because each part of the hosting and website attract upfront and ongoing costs, that we must pass through to our clients.

Domain Name

Web address (or URL)

Fixed Cost (varies):
approx $20


Control panel and file storage.

Ongoing cost:
$39 / month

Incl. Wildcard SSL certificate

Web Platform

The platform that operates your website, i.e. WordPress.


Design software and tools like Elementor and Yoast SEO.


Design, graphics and code.


You actual text and images.

Our ongoing hosting service includes built-in fees for set up and handling of your account, but excludes GST.

Ongoing Website Maintenance and Care is subject to separate costs. 

Sharing your credentials

Obtaining the login details and password to your domain hosting allows us to install and edit small pieces of code that are important to your website.  This gives us greater control of your website and the web design process. 

Whilst we only access this occasionally, it is the essential first step of our service to you.

Existing websites

Redesigning an existing website can be a more complicated process. 

Often the client has misplaced or forgotten the user name and password for the domain hosting; this information is essential for us to begin the web design or refresh process.

Sometimes, a third party is holding the login credentials and charging an on-selling fee to do so. Obtaining the login credentials can involve an uncomfortable conversation, but factually, you as the owner of the domain has all rights to hold these login details (and administer their own costs).

Typically the third party administers the domain on behalf of the client, adding their commission but without providing any added value. 

The responsibility of the third-party host is represented by the dotted responsibility delineation line in the above website hosting diagram.

And whilst this is a common practice, it reduces the control we have in accessing the hosting control panel to make changes to the website. In the event of an outage or technical problem, the third party can add complications and time to the troubleshooting process.

We typically advise our clients to review the cost and value of any third party hosting, and most often we find cost savings in the process.

Removing the third party reduces the potential for extended delays, should a service outage occur (effectively removing the dotted line from the above hosting diagram).

By removing the third party, myWPmate has more control to jump into the control panel and remedy any problems, immediately as they occur.

New websites

In many ways, creating a new website is the simplest avenue for us. 

We start by finding a hosting service and we search for a domain name that suits your business.

We recommend SiteGround for both the purchase of a domain and hosting. 

Not only is it one of the cheapest available services on the market, independent sources have suggested it is the fastest and most secure service available at this time.

When we begin the web design process for a new website, we have two options:

  1. We can sit together and we can guide you through the purchase and set up of your domain and you can administer the ongoing costs (plus a small cost for our time to guide you through this), or;

  2. We can take care of this for you (and we will invoice you for the ongoing costs).  

Either way, we will request the user log in and password for the domain so that we can access the domain control panel.  This is necessary for both website set-up and ongoing maintenance.

Therefore the password should be unique enough so that you are happy to share this with us.

Should you have any further questions about domain hosting and the associated costs, please don’t hesitate to contact us for more.

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