5 reasons your website isn’t generating any new customers

The five secrets the big agencies are ignoring with your big budget website.

For years now, you’ve been working with a big brand name marketing agency and paying big dollars each month.  I guess you just trust that they have your best interests at heart and know how to create traffic?  But recently, you’ve been asking yourself, why isn’t my website generating any new customers?

We’re sorry to break it to you. 

The big guys only care about one thing. 

Making their next sale. 

They don’t actually care about you, or your customers, or the month to month growth of your revenue.  They actually want nothing to do with you; except retaining that massive monthly payment.

Unfortunately, there are quite a few big brand names out there. Relics of a time gone by when there were only one or two marketing channels; the newspapers and that yellow book with all the phone numbers. 

They suck you in with an all-inclusive package and a quick web design, but really, the valve they provide is very, very low.

We’ve seen a number of these stock-standard websites in our time and helped their frustrated owners convert them into highly customized, bespoke marketing tools that ACTUALLY attract new customers.  

Here’s the top 5 reason a big agencies package won’t generate more customers:

1. People buy from people {they trust}

A “kit” website-theme might look fantastic, but step back from that slick presentation and really, it’s just sterile.  There’s no warmth and nothing about you, your team or the journey you’ve taken to reach this point in your business’s story.  

As the old saying goes, “people buy from people.” 

More often than not, new customers are hoping to quickly build a level of trust with you and your business, so that they can feel confident handing over their hard-earned cash.

A cold, sterile website is the sign of a faceless company that just wants your dollars. 

Whereas a warm inviting story about your team, your business and the journey it has taken to arrive at your current value proposition, can help a new customer ‘feel like they already know you’ before the first phone call. It is a huge trust builder and sign that you are an authentic local business. 

We always recommend a detailed “About Us” page that allows customers ‘to get to know you’ and your team, and really connect with your story on an emotional level.

Meet Katie from Eyre Lactation and Midwifery, chatting with a new client.

2. A clear call to action

Today’s audience is fickle.  Time is our most valuable commodity, as we are bombarded with distractions at every scroll.  And your initial landing experience might be the only opportunity you get to snare the attention of a prospective customer before they click off in another direction.  

The landing experience is a bit like that old challenge; “describe your business in 25 words or less.”

Better yet. “Sell me on your service, in 25 words or less.”

The landing experience should be clear, powerful and meaningful. It must seek to capture the attention of a new visitor and entice them to scroll down and read on.

3. Fewer words, stronger messages

Here comes another old expression. “Less is more.”

As small business operators, we’re often too busy to spend any real energy on our sales pitch.  But oh boy, is it important!

We throw the role over to a big agency and they vomit out some standard cooperate glop, that goes on-and-on about our literal ability to provide quality services and products.  There’s so much of this nonsense, potential customers just glaze over and do not absorb a single message from your website.

Short, clear statements that go beyond the literal explanation of your business will provide viewers with an instant snapshot and understanding of your value; capturing their attention and lead them into your website.   

Next, we must absolutely, couple our text with meaningful video or images. 

SwimEye is a drowning detection system that helps prevent drownings in any pool.

4. Real images and real video

Ok, we’ll admit it. Most of the images on the my WP mate website are photo stock we’ve downloaded for the interenet. They serve a purpose but they’re not ideal.

There is nothing more authentic than real images and video of your team, out in the local community doing your thing.

Real images are an instant trust builder and they help us demonstrate the core services that we provide to our community.

5. Advertising

Google and Facebook. Full stop!

Nothing else matters at the moment.

These are the two most important channels to be investing your advertising budgets. When it comes to bang for your buck, nothing out-competes Google dollar for dollar.

That big agency might be charging you for a profile on their own platform, but ask yourself; how would a customer find that profile?

They’d probably have to Google to actually find their way to the big agency database.

Wouldn’t a customer just “Google” to find your service. Or ask friends for recommendations via a Facebook Post. 

A budget as small at $5 or $10 per day with both of these two platforms, will out-perform any other alternative.

The instant effect of one advert can be life changing for your business.

A little bit more about your mate that does websites

Yeh, sure, we also charge monthly fees for our services.  

The big difference is that you’re actually getting support from another local company that is deeply invested in your success.  We truly want to help you grow because your success will result in our success too. And each of our services comes with a measurable result;

  • Web design > feature-packed, bespoke websites optimized for SEO & Facebook marketing.
  • Digital marketing > low-cost advertising with high traffic results.
  • Website Care and Maintenance > a website that’s always updated, working perfectly and looking it’s best.
  • Customer support > a positive, helpful, local person who’s always available to help with small changes or IT support at no extra charge.

If you’ve been paying hundreds of dollars each month and have not received any of our top 5 features for customer generation, please contact us for a no-obligation free chat today and we’ll outline the potential for immediate savings and amazing new sales growth.

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