Employee of the month

Consistently selling your products and services every day of the week.

Have a think about it! Who is your employee of the month?

Consistent, hard working, reliable, never sick.  Always providing your customers with the same, perfect sales pitch…?

The winner is – your company website!

Straight to the point, we didn’t want to string you along but simply point out that a great website is always “on.”

Never sick.
Always online.
Always ‘open for business.’

The lights are on and everything is working hard to lead customers to that all-important sale.

A great website is consistently selling your product and services with the same, strong sales pitch. With clear, strong images and video, customers can really ‘feel what it’s like’ to buy your product.


But there’s a catch

Only a GREAT website does all that.

Whereas a poorly written, ugly website that is ‘unresponsive’ to smart phones is perhaps your worst employee; projecting a sloppy image, that could be pushing customers down the road towards your competitor.  

Just like a terrible recruit, a poor website will cost you money and scare away customers.

A GREAT website, on the other hand, could be your most important investment as a business owner. 

With only a small up front investment and basic ongoing running costs, a great website is way more reliable that a new recruit and a hell of a lot cheaper to run.

About your mate that does websites

We create simple, stunning websites that always include all the powerful Google and Facebook stuff at no added cost (just to make sure you stand out in front of your competitors).

Best of all, they offer affordable prices that make GREAT websites available to everyone.  So get in touch today and let them us know if you need an Employee of the Month. 

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