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We’re always telling small stories to help our clients and wider network learn more about website design, digital marketing and social media. 

This blog is a selection of those stories and the knowledge we share.  We believe that sharing our best ideas and strategies can help anyone take advantage of the freely available digital tools around us.  Please feel free to share your success stories and learnings with us!

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5 free digital marketing traffic generators

A website or social media account is powerless without traffic. A website without digital marketing is like a motorway without any traffic. Without traffic, that big expensive motorway is practically useless.  Just like that motorway, your digital channels and website must be plugged into a constant stream of customer traffic.

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Content first creation

What does content first creation really mean for your website or digital marketing project? Content first creation is one of those terms you commonly hear in the digital marketing world and we love to throw it around too. But what does it really mean to you and your web design

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Our 4 step method to fire up your Instagram account

Find your community and fire up your engagement with them. So your business has a couple of social media accounts and you deliver your message to a handful of followers. But are you being social? Or just posting the same old ‘adverts’ to the same 200 followers? Many business owners

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5 things your website must be doing

The web has evolved massively over the last few years. So much so, that we are seeing dozens of websites each week that still scream 2009. But it gets worse. If your website hasn’t been updated in the last 2 years, you are probably missing these 5 super important things.

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Everything you should know about Google SEO

There’s a reason Google is one of the world’s largest companies.  They claim approximately 90% of the world’s search traffic and more recently, they have demonstrated extraordinary power with the influence of their paid advertisements. However, many of us are missing the basics of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), which can

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Inbound Marketing 101 – a quick guide

This is our simplified take on the inbound marketing funnel. Understanding the customer awareness journey is a massive part of a successful marketing campaign.  By mapping the tools and techniques at our disposal, we can asses our current performance and identify the opportunities for improvement. We use this diagram to

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