A classic website can last forever

Just like any investment, your website needs a little bit of care each week.

A website is a bit like a new car. It is a serious investment that requires registration, upkeep and servicing to ensure it runs correctly. Unfortunately, like that new car, regular website upkeep and maintenance takes a little effort, time and money. On the upside, a well-maintained website can continue to operate and perform very well for years; just like that classic old sports car.

Alright, so not everyone gets the car analogy, but bear with us here. A car is a great vehicle for this story (#sorry) because like a website, some of us take better care of our cars than others.

Your starting to get the picture.

There’s that guy in your street, who’s always clearing and vacuuming his car. He checks the oil and the tire pressure. It’s always looking it’s best and his car starts on the first turn of the key.

Looking after your investment

He’s looking after his investment and that car will probably still run just a great with 250,000kms on the clock. Sure, it gets a regular service and it will need a few new tires before then, but that car runs great. And the resale value is excellent.

Some of us are also lucky enough that we know how to maintain a car ourselves. However, as cars start to get more and more technical, most of us trust it to an experienced mechanic.

I’m sure you’ve also seen that old junket left out in the cold each night? The paint is peeling back, the passenger footwell is full of old burger wrappers and the front tires are running pretty bald. At only 75,000kms that thing is heading directly to the scrap in a few months unless a major intervention takes place.

Both cars will get you from A to B, however, there will be a different experience and each car displays a different image to the outside world.

It might still get you from A to B, but what does it say about your business?

A website requires regular care too

The modern website is much the same as this analogy.

You invest some serious hours and dollars into the development and then flick the switch; your website is live. Your website is using an operating platform (the body of the car) and many smaller pieces of software (the motor, transmission, oil, water, tires) to keep it running.

With regular maintenance and care your website can age and operate like that timeless classic.

However, if neglected, your website will start to degrade, produce errors and features will stop working. Eventually, it may be ‘so far gone’ that it too, must be sent to scrap and replaced with another major new investment.

Unfortunately, we see this all the time. A website has been neglected and sure enough, it has passed the breaking point. It can take serious energy to bring it back to fully restored condition; more often than not, those websites have to be deleted and replaced.

I think you get the picture.

The warning signs of an under maintained website that is exposed to problems.

Protecting your website form the scrap yard

We, of course, recommend all of our customers adopt our ongoing website maintenance and customer care. Quite simply because we’ll use a small amount of time each week to seamlessly take care of all the regular updates and will ensure things are working perfectly after each update is complete.

This also means we’ll step in and fix any retrospective issues that arise from a new update so that your website continues to run like a classic, long into the future.

Security and protection is another key aspect of our maintenance.  This is because old, outdated or expired plug ins are the most avenue for malicious attacks on WordPress websites.

With our Customer Care, we add a hardened layer of extra security protection, as well us regular cloud back-ups and uptime monitoring that ensures someone is always watching your website to make sure it’s live and protected from attack.

Just like that old classic, we can train you on how to maintain and care for your website. And we can be there for back-up, to help out if you get stuck with a major problem. However, for optimum performance and peace of mind, we recommend all of our customers leave it to us – we are your qualified WordPress expert. We are your mate that does websites.

If you have any further questions about our Customer Care or the value we add with this service, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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