5 free digital marketing traffic generators

A website or social media account is powerless without traffic.

A website without digital marketing is like a motorway without any traffic. Without traffic, that big expensive motorway is practically useless.  Just like that motorway, your digital channels and website must be plugged into a constant stream of visitor traffic.

Check out are our top 5 free digital marketing traffic generators that are perfect for your website and social media accounts.

This is the low hanging fruit that every business in Tasmania should leverage to generate traffic online.

1. Reviews – Google Maps, Facebook, Trip Advisor, Yelp?

These are one of the MOST valuable FREE tools available to us.  However, it takes real authenticity and quality products & services to actually inspire a customer to leave a positive review.

For many of us, reviews should actually be a strategic objective or KPI. 5-star reviews are like marketing GOLD.

They help us rise above the crowd and effortlessly drive new leads through the door.

The power of positive reviews can help you rise above the competition.

2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is not new and yep, we’ve written about it before. 

Google has been around for ages. But many of us are ignoring the small techniques that help us appear on Page 1 of the search results and the techniques that help us generate those super important clicks.

Every website has the ability to tap into the Google search results AND every page on your website is another opportunity to be highly visible to new traffic.

More (good quality pages) = more SEO opportunities.

If you’re not obsessing over SEO every couple of months, easy traffic generation opportunities are diverting to another competitor’s ‘motorway’.  SEO is essential to your digital marketing traffic.

Exponential traffic growth in the weeks following the implementation of a strong SEO strategy.

3. Post regular (interesting) content

Everyone is talking about it, but content really is KING.

Depending on your sector, we recommend posting at least once per week.  That should be once per day if you’re running a highly trafficked businesses like a café, gym or retail operation.

Let your community know you are ‘Open For Business’ and show them inside your world.  A gap in your posting can send negative signals, even if it is just for a couple of weeks.

Share some knowledge, take them behind the scenes and allow your community to get to know your team. Where ever possible, backlink your posts to a product page on your website. Use video storytelling as often as possible…!

Most importantly, engage with your community. Follow, like and comment on their posts.  Make your community feel like you’ve actually noticed them. Make them feel special and your traffic will grow just like this one we started working with recenlty. 

Repost and share anything positive that is related to you and your business.

Regular posting can send all the right messages to customers. We are open and the lights are on!

4. Paid advertisements

In terms of traffic generation, it simply doesn’t get much better than this.

Unfortunately, all your hard work in creating a website and a Facebook account can result in an “echo chamber” of family and friends.  This is super common.  You battle away online for months, maybe years; only to get the same 6 likes every time you post. 

Trust me – we actually have a sexy travel account on IG. It has beautiful photography and all the tagging in the world but only has 3 followers; just to prove this point. 

Paid placements on Google, Boost Post on Facebook and IG Promotions are the most effective online tools to push your content well beyond the echo chamber and in front of new eyes.

Yes. They advertising will cost money. But creating an advert is simple, easy and free to do with most digital channels.

If you have never paid for online advertising JUST DO IT TODAY and thank us later.

The results of one we’ll crafted advert can be amazing. The results of regular adverts like this can be life-changing.

5. Back to the old school

Email marketing and newsletters still work. But use them wisely. They are most effective for customers and leads who are already inside your world, driving on your freeway and closely following your digital channels.

Blog posts can also fall into this category but usually relate more directly to paid advertising.

The secret is consistency and VERY well-written content. Listen to the community and provide them with the information & knowledge they are seeking.

Make sure you have a point to the messages.
Make sure you are sharing some knowledge or value.
Make sure you are introducing a new product.
Or, make sure you are offering a discount code.

So these are our top 5 free digital marketing traffic generators.

What we’ve also done here, is taken you step-by-step through the digital marketing techniques that commonly form a part of a ‘sales funnel.

Each technique from 1 to 5, brings the potential lead 1 step closer to a purchase. Each step in the ‘sales funnel’ has a specific sales or customer engagement function.  Sure, they might work in isolation of each other. But working together, they are a guaranteed traffic generating strategy.

Working together, they will help you engage with your community and cultivate that group, so that it fill your channels with traffic and leads towards increased sales.

If you need any help understanding these techniques or implementing them yourself please don’t hesitate to contact us for a coffee, coaching session or for the development of a bespoke traffic generation strategy for your business.

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